Sussex trug

The time honoured trug of old English design.  They are an indispensable tool for any gardener as well as being a strong, lightweight carry-all. Great as a picnic basket, display bowl for fruit and veges, doll’s crib or knitting basket.

The rim and handle is formed from barked Hazel or willow and the slats from aspen poplar steamed and bent to create a clinker built boat shape. Despite their light weight (approx. 700g or 1.8 lb) they are extremely strong and durable. Trugs are not treated or varnished and will develop a beautiful patina over time.


We’ve had a very busy season! Bark rimmed trugs are out of stock until June-July when steaming and bending begins again after the winter harvest.
We will have lovely buttery yellow stained trugs available in the meantime. Handles are being steamed now and trugs will be ready from early February. Other stain colours may be available in limited edition batches, best to keep an eye out on our instagram page.
We’re sorry if the handle type you prefer isn’t available now. We harvest our wood seasonally and make small batches by hand so if we run short we just have to wait for the turning of the seasons!

Dimensions: 28cm high 30cm wide 50cm long

$135 + P&P

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